Air cooling device uses simple evaporation of water into the air. Air coolers are mostly used in homes and small private businesses located in dry climates.

The air cooler is a process of bringing down air temperature by dissipating heat. It provides expanded air flow and reduced the temperatures with the use of cooling fins, fans that move the heat of a casing.

The air cooler essentially works by blowing air through a blend of water, grass and cutting edges, to cool the room and it cools air through the evaporation of water. It uses the evaporating system to produce the cool air.

Direct evaporative cooling is used to a low temperature to increase the humidity of air by using the inactive heat of evaporation that changing liquid water to water vapor and in this process, the velocity of the air does not change and hot air is changed into cool moister air.

Types of air cooler:

Air coolers are classified in to two types there are:

Personal air cooler, and

Desert air cooler

Personal cooler is nothing but room air cooler. Both the type of air coolers are a comfort and suitable for any particular room and environment.

There are many brands of air coolers are available in the market such as symphony air cooler, Ken star air cooler. Nowadays air coolers are available with water air coolers and without water air coolers.

An Air cooler cools air by passing it through a wet medium to observe the heat by the evaporation of water. And a water cooler is not to be confused with cooling towers to remove heat from the water and reject it through a condenser.

Air coolers are available with the best price and it can easily buy the coolers online stores. One of a store can compare the price of several stores and get a better deal at Nayashopi.

Air cooler prices stars from 5,708 rupees only and its height price are 16,150rupees only. So it is very easy to buy the air coolers online stores.

Benefits of air cooler:

An essential advantage of using air coolers is relatively costly. It is suitable for individual cooling in the summer dissimilar to AC which is cooling the entire room. Air cooler consumes less power and it can reduce your electricity expenses.

Ensure the air cooler is sufficient for your room size to use individual air cooler is a comfort for small or average size room and desert air cooler is best for large size room.

Here some weaknesses of air cooler:

Air coolers are extremely noisy and it has two segments. One of the fan or blower to flow the air and another one is the water motor this both fans and water it makes to motor so much noise. And air coolers are required continuous maintenance.

Some best air cooler in India:

Symphony air coolers, 

orient electric smart cool, 

Bajaj platinum,

 ken star air coolers,

 Cello marvel air coolers

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