Television is an electronic device of transmitting transient pictures it fixed or moving objects together with sound over a wire or through space by contraption that converts light and sound into electrical waves and reconverts them into visible light rays and perceptible sound and it receiving set to the images and sounds send by programs that are broadcast by television to the medium of communication

Uses of television:

Television is most useful for developing the country and we are all depending on agriculture in our country most of the farmers are not educated so they have any scientific idea and methods how to farming so this television is helping in this field and it educate to farmers. In this manner, it plays the main role in building our economy.

The main aim of our television programs is aware the people and educate them to create worldwide comprehension through TV programs. The point of our TV programs is to advance national coordination. India is a major nation. It is a place to diverse religions, societies, and dialects. TV can achieve the social solidarity of the nation and it can use for the spread of education. India is major country and it is the land of different religions, cultures, and languages and it follows tradition. Television can bring awareness about the cultural unity of the country and it can advertise national integration. And it can help to develop international understanding through television programs.

Important of television:

There are different programs and shows are displaying on the small screen of the television and these programs are various kinds and different kinds of audiences like children, adults and old people are entertaining with the television with different programs like films, serials, and songs, etc.

Television programs have giving high education value and there are programs for farmers, teachers, doctors, businessmen, lawyers and also other professions. There are a lot of different programs are showing in television for different kinds of people.

A part of the regular programs for people to educate and these programs are showing to develop all subjects. The television is an important source of entertainment and relaxation. All over country people are watching different channels and in addition, they regularly watching news channels in different languages and it is a telecommunication media it is used for moving pictures in monochrome and its display in black and white and in color that in two or three dimensions, sound and it term can refer to a television set and shows and a program in the medium of the television transmission and main aim of television is to give us entertainment and pleasure and sometimes sports and games broadcast.

There are different types of televisions are available in market and television sets made by different companies and whatever may be it attracting to the people and seeing the people around the world. Now a day the usage of television is very popular throughout the world.

Now a day television sets are manufactured by different companies ,it is available in different brands such as Sony television, Samsung television, LG  television and people buying their own choice of TVs in different style television and televisions are avail to buy t TV with best price online stores you can compare the price of several stores and get better deal at and very easy to buy televisions.


Now a day television is very important role-playing in our life. Now people are interested to use color television they are not using black and white TVs and television cost also come down so people interested to buy color television and television programs are also coming up to the mark.

Television is an awesome wonder of modern science and it is one of the most outstanding inventions of science which has absorbed millions of minds and television has both entertainment and educational utilities. Now a day people feel that without is meaningless.

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