Curtain Design:

Curtains are designed particular measurements of the door and windows depending on customer requirement. Different types of clothes, designs, colors, styles, and quality of the curtains are designed. Curtain designs different styles and types based on home decorations. Curtains are designs with printed; embroider works, lace, and solid fabric materials.

Window Curtains:

Window curtains are designed with different types and styles based on correct measurements of the window. Window curtains made different clothes for using normal days and any occasion time. Window curtains are also used for interior decorating cloth material.

Types of Window Curtains:

Different types of window curtains are available in the market, like panels, tiers, toppers & Valances, 5-Piece Set, 3-Piece Set, Drapes, and Scarves.


The panel is one type of window treatment. Panels are designed long falling plain and printed design quality clothes and top of the window have one rod. This type of curtains provides the excess of cloth is given window measurements.


The tire is a tailed or ruffled modern window treatment that is small transparent gaps in the middle of the window. Tiers are designed very differently and beautiful.

Toppers & Valances:

Toppers and valances are designed to top of the window and made different styles, shapes. Topper and valances are very nice attractive looking for windows.

5-Piece Sets:

5-Piece sets come with two or more sections consisting of left and right sides. These five pieces are joined with help of one band tag.

3-Piece Swag Sets:

3-piece swag sets are used for decoration purpose. It has a rod pocket with long straight sides on the outside and curved shape in the middle.


Mostly drape is designed with heavy fabric that is hung from the top and bottom of the window. This type of curtains is designed same width and height of both sides. There are several types of drapes determined by different top curtains, pole top, tab top, and pinch pleat. Drapes also have several backings, thermal back, lined back and open back.


A scarf is one piece of fabric curtains that drops the top of the window and hangs down the both sides. It can be used as placed over panels are over a decorative holdback from the ends of the decorative rod. This type is used in halls and bedrooms very beautiful.

Door Curtains:

Door curtains are very large to compare window curtains. Door curtains are designed different attractive styles, shape, and colors. The main door of the house prefers most different and beautiful curtains and remaining all rooms door curtains are designed with simple design curtains. Select kitchen room door curtains are designed with different models based on kitchen items.

Curtains Online:

All types of curtains are available in the market. Different models like cotton curtains, fabric curtains, designer curtains, printed curtains, chiffon curtains, and transparent curtains are offered in online shopping. Online shopping provides specifications, quality, and which type of curtain is clearly mentioned, It is very helpful to purchase curtains and customer reviews.

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