Digital Camera:

Digital Camera is used to capture images digitally. When taking a picture with a digital camera the image is stored by a sensor. Some digital cameras have built in memory, but most use an SD or Compact Flash Card. Digital Camera records and stores images in digital form. These stored images can be uploaded to a computer immediately or stored in camera for to be transferred to a computer or to take prints.

Features of Digital Cameras:


Resolution and compressions are most important in digital camera settings; these are used for a large part in determining the quality of the image. The smaller image size/lower resolution and high compression deliver lower quality images.


Digital cameras have a few high-end DSLRs and mirror fewer models built- in flash with several flash settings. Flash option can play important role in photography. This feature is very useful for objects that are in shadows.

Digital Zoom:

Compact cameras and fixed lens cameras have a digital zoom feature. We recommend turning off the digital zoom. The digital zoom feature is used for enlarging and crop the picture and image editing applications.

How Digital Cameras Work:

Digital Cameras looks like film cameras but they work in completely different. When pressing the button to take a photograph with a digital camera, an aperture opens at the front of the camera and light streams in through the lens. This is just like a film camera. There is no film in a digital camera. Instead, there is some piece of electronic device that captures the incoming light rays and turns them into electrical signals. This light detector is two types like charge-coupled device (CCD) or CMOS.

Digital Camera Price:

Different companies have different prices. Digital Camera Price depends on features, Brand and additional features of the particular cameras. Canon, Nikon, and Sony are the best brand in digital cameras.

Sony Digital Camera:

Sony brand is one of leading company in electronic goods. Sony Digital Camera is full frame ideal digital camera with high-quality pictures and videos. Sony Digital Cameras are available at reasonable prices with good clear, quality and high-resolution images.

Canon Digital Camera:

Canon is a multinational company. Canon digital cameras are made in Japan. They specialized in imaging and optical products like camcorders and computers printers. This is high-end camera brand that is preferred by the most aspiring professional photographers for the quality and features of the camera.

Nikon Digital Camera:

Nikon is another popular brand in electronic items. Nikon Digital Cameras are also good features with captures clear images. Nikon Digital Camera is less weight to compare other companies. Nikon brand is second largest manufacturing company the imaging and optical products. Nikon Digital Cameras are popular for cutting edges features, sleek designs and the high-quality images that their cameras deliver.

Advantages of Digital Cameras:

LCD Screen on a digital camera allows users to see their photos and videos immediately.

A digital camera stores thousands of images.

Digital cameras are used to picture development

Size of the image is adjusted.

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