All types of digital electronic devices more famous with the widespread use of Internet, and mobile concept endless improve from business to personal entertainment and other areas, storage requires for individual data, especially for mobile storage becomes speeder and speeder. In past three years, external hard drives are lastly getting a much-required makeover by buyers and business users in the mobile storage marketplace, because it has deeper access speeds, smarter access to the process relative to the optical storage means (such as CDRW DVDRW, etc.), and more heavy-capacity, smaller prices and other assets relative to the flash memory (U-disk), the market space is also increasing. But the external hard disk marketplace has displayed the direction and improvement trends that can be absorbed in a largely challenging marketplace.

250GB External Hard Disk

Fully portable - you can smoothly unplug the Hard Disk drive and take it with you. Making it facilitate to use on other than one pc or laptop.

Maximum preservation - Preserve your important and highly distinctive information by saving it straightly to your drive as conflicted to saving it on to the drive of your PC.

Put your data private - You can stop prying eyes by using the 256-bit encryption ability to encrypt your data documents.

Windows XP/Vista consistent

The disk memory strength is 250GB

Connectivity - You connect to your PC using a USB 2.0 adaptor

Support Speed (RPM): 5400

500GB External Hard Disk

This 500 GB External Hard Drive is produced by Platinum and is a famous storage device for both customer and business use. It acquires some good features to help the user capable store their necessary data for later use or even safe preserving. This device is used with many other devices and functions. It is used with systems and laptops for storage of documents and with gaming helps like the Xbox and PlayStation for conserving game data.

Key Aspects

Data Storage Capability of 500GB

Data exchange Speed of 60MB/s

Reduce Power damage

Revolving Speed of 5400rpm

USB 2.0 Host Integrate

2.5 inches area

180-gram  quantity

1TB External Hard Disk

The 1tb external hard disk is a kind of storage mechanism that contributes computer users with one billion bytes of increased space. When it comes to storage mechanisms, computer end users have many preferences. With the profits in the area of nanotechnology, many companies have joined a very competitive storage mechanism market and forced the checks for more space at lower prices.

A decade or so before, the buzz words were "Zip" and "Jazz", two kinds of storage mechanisms that were displayed as internal or external units. Unfortunately, Zip and Jazz drives were heavy, immense, and the slight amount of capacity offered (ten to one hundred megabytes) was good for a year or two, but rapidly became discarded.

A bit previous as five years ago, the average system user might buy a system with 100GB (one hundred gigabytes). He or she might also have retained a 1GB (one gigabyte) Secure Disk card for a digital camera, and probably an external hard drive with 60GB (sixty gigabytes) to store big files and to record major work.

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