Water heaters come mainly in two varieties-tank and tank-less. The initial cost of the latter is higher compared with the former, but in the long run, they are more cost-effective as they activate only when needed. Understand their features carefully before choosing one. One type of water heater is a Geyser.  

Geyser or water heater is a commonly used home appliance. It produces hot water that we use for various purposes like bathing, cleaning, washing etc. Water heating is a simple thermodynamic process where a source of energy like electricity, natural gas or solar energy heats the water. Geysers are designed different dimensions and multiple colors. Power consumption is also mainly considered depends on capacity of the geyser.

Broadly there are two types of water heaters are available in Indian market:

1.    Tank water heater

2.    Tank-less water heater

Tank water heater:

As the name suggests tank water heater has a storage tank to reserve hot water. Tank water heater maintains the temperature of hot water within the storage tank with the help of an automatic thermal control. The heating element switches on-off periodically to maintain the temperature of water in the storage tank.

·         Tank type water heater has a lower initial purchase price.

·         Tank type water heater has low energy requirement

·         A tank type water heater is less energy efficient than a tank-less water heater.

·         Once all of the available water stored in the tank is used, it takes time to heat more water.

·         The freshness and quality of water is sometime compromised. The water you use sits in a tank with corrosion and rust.

·         Storage tank of the heater takes up much more floor space.

·         The sediment dissolved in water may corrode/damage the inner protection of tank wall and may cause tank leakage problem.

Tank-less water heater:

A tank-less water heater does not have a storage tank.  It’s  a like a small rectangular box mounted on the wall, that carries a burner or heating element, thermal control knobs, and internal piping. The water heater only starts when there is a need for hot water. When tap or shower is turned on, water starts flowing through the heater pipes. The heating sensor senses the water flow, which in turn fires the burner or heating element thereby producing hot water for consumption. It is available in electric as well as natural gas models. Geyser price depends upon the type of the geyser.

Power Consumption:

It is quite important to know the best way to save electricity for geyser to avoid crazy and huge electricity bills, because geyser accounts for a large portion of electricity consumption. The best ways will save electricity for your geyser will cut down electricity consumption and pay less electricity bill on geyser.

Power consumption of water heater depends on:

§  Volume of Hot Water used: This is the main factor of Power consumption by water heaters. The more the hot water to use, the more the power it will consume.

§  Tap (Input) water temperature: Places with colder climates need lot more heating than places with warmer climates.

§  Temperature of water used for bathing: Please note that this is different from thermostat temperature.


The capacity of the geyser tank depends on the number of members in a family. Choose the capacity of the geyser, by determining the amount of water will need. 

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