Now a day most of the girls used heels with good attractive looking. Different types of heels are available in the market. Heels are one type of footwear, like all aged women people. High heels are worn with heights varying from a kitten heel. The high heel is normally worn only for aesthetic reasons and is not considered practical. Heels are designed multiple height variations and styles.


Heels are designed with different styles, shapes, models, and colors, create ultimate designs of heels are available. Heels are designed with model clothes, flower decorations, sandal designs, leather, fabric, Crystal heels, wood, and cotton clothes. Heels are designed with the high, mid and low heel.

Types of Heels:

Kitten Heels:

Kitten heels are a lovely style for the comfort or fashion mixed. There are great for parties or work events. Kitten heals designed with different heights of the heel.


Pumps also are known as simply high heels, these type of heels are designed with 2 and 3 inches in height. There are designed low cut around the front.


Stilettos are highest heels of all the high heels. Stilettos are designed 8 inches height, can cause problems walking for long distances. Stilettos are designed with less bottom space and tip space.

And so many types of heels are designed beautifully like Ankle Strap Heels, Wedge Heels, Wedge sandals, cone heels, slingback heels, platform heels, High heel sandals, peep toe heels, and cork high heels. Some types of heels are designed with quality platted materials, velvet cloth materials, and designing materials. Some wood heels are designed with the specific height of the heel is mention to design particular shades and polished materials are used for wood high heels. Crystal Heels are also designed with the Particular height of the heel is mentioned and different types of clothes are used in padding works.

High Heels:

High heels are one part in heels. Generally, heels are designed with various height designs.  High Heels are also designed with very long stick type mostly the height of the high heel is 8 inches. High heels are also provided good looking attraction in any parties and celebrations. High heels have preferred both men and women.

Black High Heels:

Black high heels are looks like very attractive. Most of the women or girls are prefer for any seminars, meetings, and functions. Black high heels are designed with very different and different styles, complete product is made with black color only. All basic components top, bottom, heel part, back belt and any side attractions are designed with black color. Black high heels are looking very gorgeous in any presentations. Mostly black is the very comfort and matching with any dress colors and type of dress.

Strappy Heels:

Strappy Heels are designed with all stages of heel heights like high, middle, and low height heels. Strappy heels are also provided different types, shapes, models, and colors. Mostly these heels are designed with flat and high heels, basically made with flat or heel bottom part and top of the heel design only one tag and back belt are fixed. These heels are offered different colors and models. 

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