The data storage mechanization nowadays seems to grow at a very fast pace. If you were to study the rise in storage capacity and data exchange rate over the last few years, you would consider that it has actually quadrupled. On the other hand, rates have stayed in the same basic range. Therefore, enhancing your internal hard disks has never been easier or cheaper. Moreover, by operating the use of a useful enclosure, you can change your internal hard drive into an external one, without having to pay more. Hard drive blocks are rather cheap and maintain a lot of benefits, as they permit you to add as many drives, provide security from physical advantages and simplify the data exchange process overall.

250GB Internal Hard Disk

The Seagate Barracuda ST250DM000 250 GB Desktop Internal Hard Disk is a device that merges unmatched quality, great capacity and fine reliability in a single entity. As a storage field, this hard disk is an absolute option for it can not only collect and fetch all your needed data but also looks a Serial ATA Interface that arranges trusted performance for frequent years. The 8.89 cm (3.5) SATA hard disk with 6.0 GBPS interface also has 16MB cache memory and 7200 RPM rotation speed for fast data passage and transfer. This Seagate hard drive is now open online with Snapdeal for affordable rates and customers will get 1 year Seagate India warranty on their purchase of this item.


This SATA hard disk from Seagate has 250 GB repository capacity.

You can fix all your required software and a lot of areas will still be left there for storing all your records and documents.

You can also have a large collection of audio, images, and videos never to bother about non-presence of space.

500GB Internal Hard Disk

High-performance hard drive for desktop PCs

Speed Serial ATA (SATA/300) interface for exchange rates up to 300MB/s.

Large 500GB capacity to hold all your records.  Store all your images, audio, video, and other records on the drive, and all your programs, too.

16MB buffer and 7200-rpm spinning speed for good performance.

Use with desktop systems.  Standard 3.5" disk size. Restores your existing hard disks, or serves as an extra drive. Needs an accessible SATA connection. Suitable with Windows XP/Vista.

Speed, easy installation.  Kit includes all needed for installation. Included Disc Wizard software lets you automatically copy all from your old hard disk, including OS and programs, to your new disk.

1TB Internal Hard Disk

Huge 1TB (1000GB) capacity.  Internal hard disk lets you append 1000GB of storage capacity to your desktop computer. Great for handling large audio or image libraries, storing huge amounts of files or documents, or for archiving or backing up all your documents.

High-performance aspects.  Drive aspects speed 7200-rpm spinning speed, huge 32MB cache and data exchange rates of up to 300MB/s.

For Windows desktop computers.  For desktop computers with a SATA-approved motherboard or connector card. Consistent with Windows 2000/XP. The form factor is 3.5".

Easy to fix. Apparatus includes SATA interface wire, power connector, mounting screws and fitting guide.

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