Leather jackets are made with sheepskin, buckskin, raw material  and lambskin the most commonly is used to make leather jackets as soon as the skin is removed from animals at meat processing factory and it is refrigerated, or packed with salt in barrels of brain.

Lather jackets are looks beautifuliy finished with different kinds of designed by skilled designers, and it is confort, durability and color fitness it is made with superior quality lather in their manufracturing. It is very comfortable to wear with attractive design to maintain easy. And it is available in different designs and sizes with light weight and feel skin friendly, its available in highdurable,elegant design, and extremely stylish and its a length suit for the upper part and it is typically has sleeves, and fastens in the front or slightly on the side generally lighter, tight fitting and less insulating than a coat, which is outerwear and some leather jacket are fashionable and leather jackets designed with protective use and safety equipments are heavier, and sometimes even it is thicker and even equipped with armor item of clothing regardless of the symbolism invested by popular culture. A highly quality leather jacket is extremely and it is timeless it has potential to last you forever and they come in many different kinds of styles and colors  to match  from more popular choices.

Leather jackets are four types:

Bicker jacket:

Bicker jacket is made with leather it is thick and hard-wearing and it has a give great protection in event of accident and also has high resistant to rain and wind and its style of jacket is slim and tight-fitting across the body. Slim fit is necessary to avoid wind when travelling along the road at high speed. These jackets are entering with cuffs and collars and including with zips, straps and other fasteners to stop wind and any pockets will have zip fastenings and also have a extra padding allows in certain areas such as elbow and shoulders that are exposed by events of falling off a motorbike.


The leather blazer jacket style is made with traditional suit jacket and it is a easily blended with other kind of clothes in a formal or causal look the highly quality blazers are designed with buttons at cuff.

Bomber jackets:

This jackets are designed like to ability to provide a high level of warmth and protection and it is loose fit around the arm and body. it actually length of the jacket style is longer than bicker styles. and also it has large patch pockets for carrying and item.


This jackets are similarly  looks like blazer but it look causal style. Most of the styled buttons fastening have three or four buttons on each side and it includes a plain back, slanted ship pockets and wide lapels.

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