Jeans were first invented by German person named Levi Strauss. He went to U.S in 1947 and started the business. He followed the Gold Rush to San Francisco. He carried with him many kinds of fabric to sell to dry goods. During the time of Gold Rush business was improving in California. Suddenly Levi Strauss became a big businessman. Levi's jeans used as work pants. Many people go to work by wearing jeans pants. Men workers wear jeans pants all the time when they are working. But gentleman won't wear jeans rather they wear suits. Women won't wear jeans pants at all. The trend of wearing jeans pants started with the release of western movies. In western movies, all Cow Boys wear jeans pants.

Blue Jeans

Many blue jeans are tailored with the orange thread which is unusual. Mostly all clothes are sewed with the same color as that of fabric. The orange thread is similar to that of copper rivets. The original jeans were made with indigo, which comes from plants. The plant leaves are first dipped in water. The water is stirred, in order to mix with oxygen. This changes the colors from yellow to green to blue. This is the way of preparing blue jeans with the help of indigo, which is obtained from special kinds of plants. But Indigo is very much costlier. During many years people used coal or oil for dying process. The dye causes more pollution. Some blue jeans are dyed using bacteria.

Denim Jeans

From many years Denim Jeans has been favorite, in New Mexico. It becomes favorite item from some years. Persons of all ages wear these Denim jeans. Some denim used to make jeans is a mixture of nylon, cotton, and polyester. All fabrics are rugged but wear differently. Jeans made with 100% cotton tend to be warm in winter and cool in summer and this does not happen with denim jeans.

Killer jeans

Killer Jeans manufacturing was first started in the year 1989 in Mumbai.  There are different designs of killer jeans which will attract the youth. Killer water jeans saved up to 80litres of water while manufacturing a pair of jeans. The eco-friendliness shows how killer jeans is different from other branded jeans pants. ‘Kewal  Kiran Clothing Limited' is a big manufacturing company in Mumbai as well as in India. KKCL has 308 stores in 183 cities in India, which is manufacturing branded killer jeans.

Ripped Jeans

 Ripped jeans were nothing,but a new model jeans, having to cut in the middle part of the jeans pants. These ripped jeans are used by many people today, which is a new fashionable item. The youth are much more attracted to ripped jeans. The college students wear it because it gives a look of more fashion. The sales of these type of jeans were increasing day to day.

Buy Jeans online

You can buy jeans online from many famous sites like Amazon, Flipkart and snap deal.  These jeans pants can be purchased easily from your mobile app also. The different prices are mentioned in the page on an app and you can buy at a price you wanted.

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