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Lenovo has determined to expand its ThinkPad X1 series into many devices and at this years CES we saw over three variants of the same. The ThinkPad X1 Carbon is your large end business laptop, the ThinkPad X1 Yoga is same to the Carbon except for the truth that you can now use it in the multi-mode composition and it comes in an OLED display alternative and lastly the third and the most interesting part is the ThinkPad X1 Tablet.

We call it the most striking because for the first time we are looking a tablet built with a commutable way in mind. The ThinkPad X1 Tablet comes with three studies namely the Production part, the 3D Imaging part, and the Projector part. This is in adding to the ThinkPad keyboard and the ThinkPad Stylus Pen.

The ThinkPad stamp is looked all over the X1 Tablet when it near to the frame quality. The tablet sports a 12-inch 2560x1440 pixel frame-up which sees really good. Just like the Surface Pro 4, it nears in the 3:2 aspect ratio. After the tablet layout, you have a kickstand which even if seems excited by the Surface Pro 4, has a different sort of joint structure. It grants you to locate the tablet the way you want. The tablet fixes around 13mm thick and weighs around 1.1kg with the keyboard affixed. The X1 tablet seems to have taken the best points from the Microsoft Surface Pro series and the Lenovo Yoga series laptops.

Lenovo Yoga Tablet

Lenovo has issued a new Android tablet which sees same to the newly launched Yoga Book. The Yoga A12 is a new 2-in-1 Android hybrid which avails the similar flat, slate-like digital keyboard with around Rs 21,000 rate tag.

The specs are as best though, as you get 12.2-inch HD blaze that can fold all the way back so customers can locate it as a laptop, tablet or in a tent mode. It doesn't get the similar high-quality watchband hook though, but a simple two-piece hook model.

Other aspects encompass a mobile Intel Atom x5 processor, 2GB of RAM along with 32GB of internal storage area. The company claims a battery span of 13 hours on a full charge. Of course, the pleasing aspect here is Lenovo's 'Halo Keyboard' which was looked on the Yoga Book.

We did get our fists on the Yoga Book and raises the flat typing experience to be marginally difficult at first but ultimately got utilized to it. The flat glass-like surface can also be utilized to as a digital area to take notes or sketch.

Lenovo Tablet Price

Tabs have carried the world in our fists. From efficient computing power to flexibility, they bid the best of both Android phones and laptops. With a huge variety of contributions, the Chinese technology giant is one of the top producers and sellers of tablets in the world. The company attained IBM's personal computers and before then has regularly been the world greatest seller of personal computers. With an intense eye on model and supreme customer experience, the company has an ever-growing loyal fan base.

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