Loafers are one type of shoes for used both men and women. Loafers are flat leather shoes without straps and lace, simply slipped on the foot. Loafers are sometimes referred as the slip-on. Loafers have no heel or low heel. They are a style for men; women and children may use casual or dress shoes. Loafers are a fashion staple that adds a touch of smart casual styles to any outfit. Loafers are made multiple designs, styles, and colors. Different types of materials are used to prepare loafers. Loafers are used for casual, formal, and party wear. Some types of loafers have elastic inserts on sides of the shoes to be easily removed.


Today's loafer styles vary greatly, with some different styles based on dress and occasion. Loafers are designed with leather, designed clothes, styles, shapes, and colors. Loafers are made with quality materials are used deepens on the brand and company. Men loafers designed very simple and fewer colors, but women and children loafers are designed with multiple types, shapes, different materials, and color.

Types of Loafers:

Now a day different types of loafers styles are avail in the market. Some of the most popular loafer styles are penny loafers, Tassel or Kiltie Loafers, Gucci Loafers, Moc Loafers, Apron Loafers, and High Heeled Loafers.

Penny Loafers:

This type of loafers made with leather strap across the forefoot with a diamond shape. Penny loafers are most popular men's shoes.

Tassel or Kiltie Loafers:

This type of loafers was developed by the Alden Shoe Company and then Popularized by Brooks's brothers. This loafer has a decorative lace with tassels on the top.

Gucci Loafers:

Gucci Loafers with a brass strap. Gucci loafers mostly produce black color loafers, making them very suitable for business wear. Both men and women prefer this type of loafers.

High Heeled Loafers:

Mostly loafers designed with the flat or low heel, but sometimes women's are preferred high heels loafers for any traditional occasions and party wear.

Loafers for Men:

Loafers are widely used things for men. Selectmen loafers depend on a dress. Loafers wear with jeans, shorts, and formal dress. Mostly men's loafers are used multipurpose like office, walking, and to attend the interviews.  These all situations loafers are used with very comfortable and easy to remove. Mostly men's loafers are produced less number of colors and designs.

Loafers for Women:

Women's are also used loafers to multipurpose based on the situations like walking, formal dressing, and to attend the interviews. Most of the loafers are designed low heel or without heel but, women's preference for high heel loafers for use of any traditional occasions and party wear. High heel loafers are used in Indian dressing style like sarees, lehengas, and designer sarees.

Loafer Shoes:

Loafer shoes also like a shoe type. Various types of clothes are also used for decoration purposes like jeans cloth, cotton cloth, and leather additionally, some types of stones; laces are used for design loafer shoes. Loafer shoe is used men, women, and children for all purpose. Loafer shoes are used without the sock, but some types of loafers provide with socks also.

Puma Loafers:

Puma is the largest company for produce loafer shoes. Puma Company was founded on 1948; the founder is Rudolf Dassler and headquarters of this company in Herzogenaurach, Germany. This company provides all types, shapes, colors, sizes, and quality of loafers. This company offers men, women, children loafers with all designs, styles and different types of materials are used for making loafers. This company offers quality products at lowest prices and provides offers.

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