Now that you have vastly upgraded from a conventional 35mm camera to a new digital camera, you will come to know that the digital camera no longer wants the conventional film to store photos, but instead, uses a latest digital storage standard called the memory card to save all the valuable pictures.

To put it in plain terms, a memory card is an electronic documents storage device. It is also named as a flash memory card. Aside from digital cameras, you will find the memory card in use in various types of computerized equipment such as the handheld and laptop computers, mobile phones, audio players and video game consoles.

Normally, you will find the memory cards in a firm state, but sometimes they are also present in a non-solid state, though these kinds of memory cards do not use flash memory. These are established on cutting age technologies and used particularly by the gamers and the mechanical professionals and are often named to as "mem-cards" by these engineers.

There are various kinds and qualities of memory cards using different kinds of the flash memory model. Many of the top electronic companies in the universe offer a broad range of formats packed with many states of the art looks, including huge re-recordability, power-free repository, small size and much more.

It was during the early 1990's that memory cards were started to the market for the initial time, and it soon remodeled the whole concept of product stored in the PCs, mobile phones, and other industrial uses. The late 1990's and early 2000 seen the encounter amongst electronic enormous heat up as they fought to introduce many and many comfortable and small memory card forms to the market, such as xD Picture Card and Memory Stick, thus encountering the growing need for lower and lower memory cards for compact computers such as PDAs, mobile phones and digital cameras etc.

The conclusion is that today the market flows with a new trend of memory cards in a variation of formats designing from Smart Media and Compact Flash to the more sophisticated Memory Stick branches and CDs. In later years the more famous memory card for digital cameras is the SD/MMC but with stiff contention coming from the Memory Stick models such as xD and Compact Flash.

Memory cards are produced by many of the world's top electronic companies and you can get the material in the electronic and computer section of essentially any computer or electronics store. The cards come with the various speed limit and changing memory sizes, and these variations account for the wide fluctuation in their worth range.

The 8GB memory cards are available to store some kind of audio, video and image files.

The prices of these 8GB memory cards are less when compared to that of 16GB memory cards and 32 GB memory cards.

When you want to store some movies like Harypotter sequel then you need to make use of 16 GB memory cards.

When you want to format your system, then you need large size memory cards such as 32 GB cards, to keep the formatted documents.

The price of memory cards vary from storage capacity of the card, the larger the size will be a higher price when compared to smaller capacity pen drives.

Different models and sized memory cards are available online and each portal is offering different prices for these memory cards.

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