Office Chairs

Working in an office involves sitting in a chair for a long time and in a position which causes strain to your spine. To avoid this you have to choose an office chair which is ergonomic and it should support lower back and gives a good posture. There are many kinds of ergonomic chairs available in the market to use in an office, but you have to choose the best one which satisfies your needs. No one kind of chair is best and the others are worst. You have to choose a best ergonomic office chair, which is working well and satisfy your requirement.

Plastic Chairs

Nobody knows how many cheap plastic chairs are available in the world, but there are millions of plastic chairs manufactured after their debut in the early 1980's. The plastic chair's popularity is easy to understand. They are manufactured in a single piece which is at 2.5 kilograms, or 5.5 pounds, made by polypropylene in a single process because of which they are cheap, light, portable and easy to clean.

Nilkamal Chairs

Nilkamal is a famous company in India and it is because of its durability. These chairs are comfortable and as well as they look like modern and stylish. This Nilkamal company manufactures house and office furniture.  There are top 15 brand models of Nilkamal chairs and we explain some of them now.

Regular Nilkamal Chairs

This kind of Nilkamal chair is so stylish and also very durable. The dimension of the product is very good too also. These chairs come in the variety of colors and are also correct for all ages and sizes. The armrest makes the chair look more comfortable.

1. Standard Nilkamal Chairs

The most famous and standard Nilkamal chairs are standard Nilkamal chairs. This standard chair will last you for a long time because it is durable. They are simple and elegant as they come in many patterns and colors. This will help you when you engage any function or party, by arranging bulk of these chairs.

2. Nilkamal Office Chairs

 You can avail this kind of Nilkamal chair which is having the high back and made with leather fabric. There is soft lining in this chair which makes comfortable looking for sitting a long time in the office. This kind of chairs is useful for IT young workers who will sit in the chair and work up to 8 to 9 hours daily in front of system or laptops.

3. Nilkamal Plastic Chairs

Most of the chairs which are manufactured by Nilkamal company are plastic chairs only. These chairs are ergonomically designed and last for a long time.

Chairs Online

Are you looking for best office chairs or house furniture then log on to You can find best office chairs at and you can get chairs in a wide variety of color, model, design, and brands. You can choose sturdy and best brand chairs at India's famous online shopping portal Select your home furniture and office chairs from popular brands such as Adiko, Home town, trendz and many other.

Godrej Chairs

Godrej is one of the famous furniture companies in our country. Especially the Godrej company manufacturing different chairs for home needs and office chairs are so trendy and available at moderate costs. Godrej Interio is the major brands for manufacturing office chairs and furniture. The Godrej company Interior stores are giving the right commitment to the customers by providing the new model furniture delivery within 3-4 weeks.

The Godrej products are not getting damaged and paint chipped off even after long road transport of the furniture and I need to share my feelings with the Godrej company review of customer care. considers rates are so much moderate for the products and the quality of the products are so fine and durable also. Godrej furniture with chairs for our new office and they delivered the goods within a month and the Godrej staff are so polite and kind among the customers.

Finishing of the Godrej chairs is so fine and the gauge of the products is also so good and I attracted with the model of Godrej. Someone bought one Godrej chair and it has some defect and I called for the Godrej company persons and the warranty is given for the product and they replaced the product within a week.

You can avail these Godrej Interior chairs through online as Amazon, Flipkart at affordable prices. You can check different models through online stores. The price of  the chairs start from Rs2,000 to a maximum of up to Rs 14,000 chairs.

So you check firmly the quality and prices of chairs and buy one model chair which is up to your budget.

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