The pen drive is portable USB flash memory device. Pen drive is used in storage of audio, video, and images. There are different kinds of pen drives available in the market today. They are 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. The storage and performance of the pen drive depend on the memory storage of the pen drives. These pen drives are connected to the USB port of the audio player, personal computer, laptop and some other devices.

You can save images you needed with the help of pen drives. These pen drives are connected to the USB port of the personal computer for copying files from pc to pen drive. Pen drive is portable and you can keep it in your pocket. It is of very small size.

You need no introduction about pen drive as it was popular over a decade from now. These pen drives are used for transferring the data from one system to another system.

Pen drives come in different storage capacities ranging from 64MB to 256GB. A 4GB pen drive is enough for you to store some audio files, images and video files. If you want to store some sequel of movies such as harry potter and some regional movies then you need an 8GB pen drive. The storage of files increases with the increase of storage capacity of the pen drive. If you want to format your computer and store that files then you need 32GB pen drive. A 32GB pen drive will store a number of files than that of 8 GB OR 16GB pen drives.

Most of these pen drives are compatible with all kinds of windows and operating systems. If you need a substantial amount of storage then you need to buy a 32 GB pen drive. All these pen drives are attacked with viruses when they are connected to computers, which are not protected. So protect your personal computer from viruses then you connect pen drive to exchange files from the pen drive. The viruses present in the computer will affect the pen drive when you are connected with USB port. There a number of Anti- virus software to remove a virus from your computer. So scan pen drive every time when you use to not get affected by the virus. There are some pen drives which have password protection option which will help you in securing your personal files. The password protection type of pen drives will affect with computer viruses easily.

HP USB Drive 8 GB pen drive have been designed to keep it easily in your pocket and it supports transportability and quick plug and play option. The HP 8GB USB pen drive helps you keeping in a digital world in your pocket in the smallest possible package. With the HP 8GB pen drive you can share and transfer audio like mp3 and video files like mp4 and jpeg images can also be shared with the help of these pen drives.

There are pen drives of different storage capacities which are made by companies like SanDisk etc.

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