A projector is an optical device that provides an image onto the surface of projector screen or wall. Most projectors are creating an image by shining a light through a small transparent lens, but some types of projectors can project the images directly by using lasers. Projector provides enlarged images on a screen such as a slide or a film for particular time period. Projectors have a picture resolution, weigh four to six pounds and come with a carry case. All of the projectors have various types of brightness and contrast levels. Provide best brightness and contrast levels the quality of the picture also good for small to medium sized projectors and rooms. Components of the projectors are feed spool, xenon arc lamp, projector lens, and optical sound head, take up spool, normal lens and rotating shutter. Present advanced new projectors are available with a clarity of the picture and quality of the pixels. Now a day most of the peoples used video projectors and digital video projectors.

Types of Projectors:

Different types of projectors are available in a market. Best three types are mentioned below

DLP Projectors

LED Projectors

LCD Projectors

DLP Projectors:

Digital Light Processing Projectors are developed by Texas Instruments. It works completely different than LCD projectors. DLP Projectors have glass panels through which light is passed, the DLP chip is reflective surface made up of thousands of mirrors and each mirror represents a single pixel.

LED Projectors:

LED Projectors are used light-emitting diodes, either DLP technology replacing the color wheel and white-light lamp with red, blue and green LEDs technology, which found in handheld projectors. LED projectors are long life than traditional projector lamps. This Projector is more energy-efficient than traditional light sources. Reduce maintenance and operating cost.

LCD Projectors:

LCD Projectors are also known as video projectors. These projectors are used for displaying video, images, or computer data on screen or another surface. It is a modern slide projector. The mixture of open and closed pixels can produce a verity range of colors and shades in the projected images.

Portable projector:

Portable projectors are widely used devices in offices, schools, and colleges. Practically used in paper presentations like PowerPoint presentations, and multimedia presentations like videos and audio effects. Now a day most of the schools prefer for teaching by using portable projectors. Different types of portable projectors are manufactured different companies to customers convenient. Present offers pocket portable projectors, mobile projectors, and smart portable projectors.

Mini Projectors:

Mini Projectors are also known as pocket projectors and pico projectors. It is very smallest projectors that way about a half a pound or less read up on pico projectors. This projector offers equal important specifications. Provide best battery backup, picture quality, best sound clarity, and resolution of the picture. It is very easy to move offices.

Projector Price:

Projector price depends on all features of the product and additional features of the projectors. Different types of projectors offer different price lists deepens on features of the specific brand of the projector with reasonable price. Multiple brands provide one different advanced features. Price of the projector depends on a size of the product. Projector price starts with Rs1000 to 30,000. To compare projector prices in online shopping stores with the lowest cost.

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