RAM is a basic part of any electronic device such as the computer. It is responsible for the identical process that allows our system to store dynamic data. When you open a system program such as Paint the executable file enters all the data into RAM where it will stay temporarily until the program is stopped. This also gives a chance for entering the use of dynamic-link libraries, which are required libraries of functions which computer programs can transfer data simultaneously without having to re link them into storage memory again.

DDR2 Model RAM

DDR2 is the further generation of storage developed after DDR. DDR2 incremented the data exchange rate specified to as bandwidth by incrementing the operational frequency to fit the high FSB frequencies and by coupling the forward buffer data rate. There will be many about the storage memory forward buffer data rate later in this chapter. DDR2 is a 240 pin DIMM model that works at 1.8 volts. The lower current voltage counters the heat problem of the more frequency data exchange. DRR operates at 2.5 volts and is a 188 pin DIMM model. DDR2 uses a different motherboard socket than DDR and is not compatible with motherboards modeled for DDR. The DDR2 DIMM key will not join with DDR DIMM key. If the DDR2 is strengthened into the DDR socket, it will destruct the socket and the memory will be uncovered to a high voltage level. Also be alert the DDR is 188 pin DIMM design and DDR2 is a 240 pin DIMM design.

DDR3 Model RAM

DDR3 was the next generation memory started in the summer of 2007 as the natural inheritor to DDR2.

DDR3 incremented the prefetch buffer size to 8-bits an incremented the working frequency once more out coming in high data exchange rates than its ancestor DDR2.

In inclusion, to the incremented data exchange rate memory, chip voltage level was reduced to 1.5 V to counter the heating reaction of the high frequency.

By now you can see the generation of memory to increment pre-fetch buffer size and chip performing frequency and lowering the performance voltage level to counter the heat.

2GB RAM price

The 2GB computer RAM price ranges from Rs900 to Rs1900.

These RAM prices change from store to store. The prices of 2GB RAM will be less because of less storage capacity.

These 2GB RAM's were given with warranty and also bill.

4GB RAM price

The prices of 4GB RAM ranges from Rs2200 to Rs4000.

These price rates change from store to store.

The price of 4GB RAM is comparatively more than that of 2GB RAM, because of large storage capacity.

The warranty and bill will be given for this product.

These prices also change from place to place based on tax rates.

8GB RAM price

The prices of 8GB RAM ranges from Rs5000 to Rs10000.

Similar to that of 2GB and 4GB RAM products, this 8GB RAM rates also change from store to store.

The price of this 8GB RAM is much higher when compared to that of 2GB and 4GB RAM's, because of large storage capacity.

RAM online

RAM is available online in different stores like Amazon, Flip Kart, Snap deal and some other. The price of this computer RAM changes from one store to another store.

RAM price

RAM prices change according to storage capacity. The price of computer RAM ranges from Rs1000 to Rs10000.

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