The domestic refrigerator is referred as a cabinet. Refrigerators are used these days for storage of food materials. The cabinet is used to store food at more than zero degrees centigrade. These refrigerators are used for house hold purposes. The refrigerators are also used to keep medicines because the medicines should be kept under cool conditions. The domestic refrigerators are one of the most important electrical goods used in our country and the other south Asian countries. The two important factors comprise for refrigerators manufacturers meet the standards of eco-friendliness and energy efficiency. The domestic refrigerators in India are manufactured in different sizes and configuration.

LG Refrigerator

The LG refrigerator's conventional compressor has overall four friction points which will make a lot of noise.  The superior linear inverter which is having gentle stop and gentle start makes less noise and vibration. The natural freshness can be preserved by you because of linear inverter compressor. This latest technology maintains the optimum temperature inside the refrigerator. It also senses outside temperature and adjusting operation rate. It stops energy loss and also keeps your food fresh. It is a 4- step Air purifying system which will be useful in preserving the freshness and the nutritional value of the storage food.

Samsung Refrigerator

Samsung digital inverter compressor makes small power adjustments to minimize compressor operation efficiency levels and enables excellent cooling performance to maintain freshness. By using smart MICOM controller and 5 convenient rpm speeds, digital inverter compressor makes small adjustments to Samsung refrigerators based on day to day refrigerator use as well as by measuring outer and inner temperature levels. By careful observation of temperature levels and making small adjustments to compressor rpm the noise in the refrigerators can be reduced.

Whirlpool Refrigerator

It has a spectrum of varieties.  Freshness is the major advantage given by whirlpool refrigerators. It gives low noise. The 3Intellisensors present in the whirlpool refrigerators will keep your food fresh. The Whirlpool company refrigerators have a scientifically designed air towers. It is longest in the grouping.

Godrej Refrigerator

Godrej refrigerators are made in India. It is Indian based company. It is running over past few decades. These refrigerators are offering affordable prices with better quality when compared to that of other company refrigerators. The noise  in these refrigerators are very low, and cooling process is done very rapidly in these type of refrigerators. There is single door and two-way door model refrigerators are manufacturing by this Godrej company.

Refrigerator price

Different companies put different prices on these refrigerators. The Samsung and whirlpool refrigerators are very much costlier when compared to that of Godrej and LG refrigerators. The price of the refrigerator varies from one model to another model. The small refrigerators are of low price when compared to that of large refrigerators. The refrigerators price in our country ranges from 11,000 rupees to 50,000 rupees.

Mini Refrigerator

These mini refrigerators or fridges are used mostly in medical shops preserve medicines. Some households also use this kind of refrigerators. These mini or compact refrigerators are cheaper in price when compared to that of large refrigerators. But the cooling nature of mini fridges is similar to that of large refrigerators.

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