Samsung Group is the well-known South Korean multinational company. Its headquarters is located in Samsung Town, Seoul. This Samsung group has many subsidiaries like Samsung Electronics, Samsung Heavy industries, Samsung Engineering and Samsung C&T. This company was established in the year 1938  by Lee Byung-Chul. This Samsung group ranges its products from engineering and Electronic commodities to a wide range of insurance and advertisements.

Samsung TV

Samsung is one of the famous multinational company which is successful more in one among its subsidiaries is Samsung Electronics, which is the manufacturer of Samsung Televisions.

At first, Samsung was not manufacturing television sets.

In 1970's Samsung company produced the first black and white television and by 1976 there was one million black and white televisions in South Korea.

After two years the number was increased to four million that no other manufacturer produced.

In 1977 Samsung wanted to start manufacturing colored television sets. By 1981, Samsung company produced 10 million black and white sets and 1 million colored units. In 1995 first 33-inch double screen television was produced and that is also a Samsung Company product.

Samsung LED TV

Samsungs mostly developed HDTV technology is enclosed in razor- thin shape outline. Samsung LED TVs are only 1.2-inch depth which is referred as thinnest television ever. This model will help you to mount the television on the wall. The Samsung LED television provides bright picture quality with good color effects due to LED backlighting system. The motion blur is not present in this kind of television sets and it has Auto motion plus feature which provides soft motion images. Unlike LCD televisions, led televisions provide deep black levels, exact colors and better shadow details. Samsung LED televisions are the latest trend televisions which will give better audio and visible picture quality.

Samsung Smart TV

The Samsung smart television is the latest technology product which will work as your smart android mobile phone. It has HDMI effect which is High Definition television which is having high picture quality and audio effects. It has different apps like an android mobile phone to connect to the internet through the wiFi network. You can play games through play station such as high technology video games. It will support HD channels which will give best picture quality with high resolution. Samsung smart televisions are mostly LED monitor televisions only. The Samsung smart televisions are available at different screen sizes and in various models, but these smart televisions are costlier.

Samsung TV price

The prices of Samsung televisions are more when compared to other company products. The Samsung LCD television rates are less compared to that of LED televisions. The price rates of the Samsung television varies from small screen to big screen. The small screen size television is lesser in price when compared to large screen size product. The Samsung smart LED televisions are of too much cost.

Samsung TV India

Even though Samsung is a South Korean company, in India its products are having high value. Especially Samsung televisions are getting more sales in our country.

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