Footwear is called sandals and it exposes a considerable part of the foot in buckles, straps or laces are used to hold it in place. Sandals are an open sort of footwear and are comprised of an underside held to the wearer's foot by ties going over the instep and sometimes around the ankle and sandals are perfect for the two men and women.

Different types of sandals:

There are many different types of sandals are their most common use such as hiking sandals, closed toe, water sandals, fashion sandals, flip-flops.

Hiking sandals: They highlight hardened padded soles, rough outsoles, and lashes that circumvent your foot and it protects your feet and it gives you stability on rocks and trails while climbing up.

Water sandals: These are lightweight and water safe and is designed to give your feet assurance amid exercises and during activities, such as fording waterways, boating, and walking along the beach.

Closed toe sandals: The closed toe sandals cover your toes from debris and obstacles and it perfect for navigating streets and also it is suitable for light climbing.

Fashion sandals: these sandals are mostly preferred during summer weddings and luncheons and fashion sandals are improve to your look by wearing this fashion sandal on occasion.

Flip flops: These are simple units with rubber seat. And it looks a V-shaped strap that fits between your toes it provides little support but tend to cause pain in the ball of your foot especially when you wear them for a long time and it is best time to wear them is when you are going for short outings and also wearing it when going to the pool or beach.

Sandals for women:

Now a day for women sandals are designed with different sizes and styles its look like trendy and it made to make wearer walk completely feel comfortable while walking and also personally feel the elegance and purpose of the footwear. And most of the heels in sandals are also designed in that fashion way to offer to the wearer flat ones make the wearer walk comfort and very easy to balance using these kinds and high-heeled ones are good confidence boosters by making the wearer walk elegantly.

Sandals for girls:

For girls design, many different styles of sandals and girls to wear causal and parties in these toddler girl's sandal are given good look for girls and center attraction of the function while wearing the new style of sandals and it gives comfort and flexible to walk free and run. And now a day many brands are available in the market such as Puma sandals, Bata sandals are one of the popular brands in this sandal available many different sizes sandals are available and Bata sandal are popular and earlier this brand of sandals are using. now a day many brands are available in the market also very easy to buy sandals online store and order to purchase new trendy sandals online store by staying any corner in INDIA you can get the sandals.

How to select the correct sandals:

You can select sandals with comfort walk and fashion look with the lowest price to buy easily .and also choose the material to the sandal with high-quality lather because using it in water activities. If you're looking for high-quality sandals and varieties and many other sandals you can choose to buy sandals online stores

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