Slippers are lightweight footwear, that worn indoors, and outdoors particularly at home. House shoes are also known as slippers. The slippers are made from soft and colorful materials may come in the shapes of animals, animal paws, vehicles, cartoon characters etc. Most people like slippers men, women, and children. Choose the correct material for comfortable to use Cotton, Suede, Leather, and sheepskin. Best choice to prepare slippers is sheepskin.


Slippers are designed with modern styles, designs, and colors. Mostly soft materials are used in manufacture slippers. Different types of materials are used to make slippers like leather, fabric, cotton, and sheepskin. Designs based on any funny pictures, shapes of animals, flowers, colors, and color shades. Slippers are designed with simple, weightless materials are used. Slippers are designed various types like flat, with the heel, without the heel, with a belt, without a belt and design laces.

Types of Slippers:

Slippers are very comfortable and lightweight shoes that are easy to wear. Present both men and women are preferred to use indoor slippers. Different types of slippers are available in the market.

Open Heel Slippers & Flip Flops:

These types of slippers are made with a fabric cloth that encloses the highest of the foot and also the toes, leaves the heel open. These types of slippers are commonly used in costly hotels, looks very grand attraction.

Closed Slippers:

Closed Slippers are made with heel guard that prevents the foot from sliding out. Closed slippers are both men and women are used for inside purpose. Various types of designs offer different materials, clothes, and colors.

Now a day number of slippers are available based on particular use. There are so many types of slippers are available like Open-Heel Slippers, Closed Slippers, Slipper boots, Sandal slippers, and evening slippers. Different slippers are designed with different materials.

Slippers for women:

The aim of purchasing slippers is to use for comfort on walking around the home, and gardens. Women Slippers are available in different styles, models, designs, and colors. Especially, women's have more designs suitable for any occasion. Some types of slippers are made with sandal slippers looks very beautiful. These types of slippers are used for women like Slip on Closed-back types of slippers also offers women slippers.

Slippers for Men:

Men slippers also mostly designed with leather and fabric materials. Slippers are used for walking purpose in indoor. Men slippers also designed with soft materials. Slippers are used roughly like gardening works, bathing, and walking purpose.

Bedroom Slippers:

Bedroom Slippers designed normal casual type. Bedroom Slippers are used both men and women. Mostly these type of slippers is used for bathing and walking in inside. Slippers are waterproof, soft, and flat slippers are designed different types of models, styles, types, and colors.

Fluffy Slippers:

Fluffy slippers build with super soft fluffy and bow details. Fluffy Slippers are open backs, choice of 3 colors and choice of 6 sizes. Women are mostly used fluffy slippers in any seasonal wear and party season fast approaches. Fluffy slippers are men, women, and children with different styles, designs, animal shapes, flower shapes etc. Fluffy slippers are looking very beautiful and attractive.

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