Spike Buster is an electronic device used to protect electronic devices from spikes in the AC Voltage. Spike Buster product is manufactured by making use of quality approved components. Spike Buster is tested on set parameters. Spike buster connects more than one component at a time, It works safety without damage any component at the working time. Spike busters are offered fast and short duration electrical voltage transferred energy in the electrical circuit.


Spike Buster is designed with more than two sockets and each port have one switch to indicate ON/OFF button with the help of one wired plug. Different types of brands provide wide verities of spike busters available in different color with reasonable prices on markets. Different shapes and types of spike busters are designed. Some spike buster has handled only single button. Spike Buster price deepens on dimensions, length of the wire, number of sockets, and button options.

Spike Busters is used to operate multiple electronic devices at same time. Control AC Voltages and protect all electronic components. Reduce the number of switchboards fitted on home and offices.

Surge Protector:

A surge protector is an electronic appliance or device designed to protect electrical devices from voltage spikes. Surge protector offers some limited amount of voltage supplied to electronic devices by both blocking or shorting to ground voltages from safe threshold conditions. Surge protectors are used to preventing fire accidents caused by electrical malfunctions at home. Surge Protector contains mainly three components are contained

Metal oxide varistor: It contains granular zinc and conducts a current when contact with a voltage higher rated. Metal Oxide varistor limit the voltages more than three to four times the normal voltage of a circuit by diverting surge current into other locations. The Metal oxide varistor can be connected in parallel formation in order to increase its current capability, to avoid fire accidents. Another component is the transient suppression diode. It provides protecting components with low current capacity. The third component is gas discharge tube. Gas discharge tubes are conducting more current in respect size of the components and compare other components. Gas discharge tubes are also protecting fire accidents.

How to Protect Surge Protector:

Surge protector transfers electric power which passes the correct voltage, from grounding way of wiring within the outlet. It is an entirely safe process which protects gadgets. First, decides quantity of surge protectors that simply large and group of equipment have to be shielded. When protecting a single gadget and don't to use big multi surge protectors. Multiple power surge protectors are designed the lot of selections, designed with multiple color and advanced features. Different styles and shapes of the surge protectors are available on markets.

Spike Buster Online:

Spike Busters and surge protectors are available in online with lowest prices. Online shopping facility is offered on spike busters and surge protectors. Online shopping stores provide some offers, special festival discounts, and promo codes by using online shopping for spike busters. Different types of online shopping stores offer various types of prices offered. Online purchase is best one to shop any products with less cost.

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