Philips Trimmers

Beard Trimmer series 3000

Style your beard how you want with the help of these Philips 3000 series trimmers. The precision of these trimmers ranges from a minimum length of 0.5mm to 10mm.  It is easy to select lock in lengths with these model trimmers.

It has a precision of 0.5mm.

It has the nice cutting performance with titanium coated blades.

After charging the trimmer for one hour, you can use up to 90 minutes.

It has the detachable head, for easy cleaning purpose.

It has a travel and storage protective pouch.

QT 4011/15 Model Trimmer

It is having 0.5mm precision.

It is an ergonomic model, for easy handling.

No oil needed for these trimmers.

It has a warranty of 2 years.

It is having world-wide voltage.

Nova Trimmers : 

The product Trimmer from Nova company is an astonishing piece.

It has high trimming range.

These Nova trimmers have high-grade steel blades.

After charging the trimmer for one hour, you can have a cordless use for up to 30 minutes.

It trims your beard for your desired facial look.

It is a 100% water proof trimmer model. 

Advantages  of Trimmers

With the use of Razor, the irritation of skin will be present but with the Trimmers there is no skin irritation will be there and you can use it on daily basis.

Using a battery  trimmer is life savable

You can use beard trimmer at your home, on a car even in your office.

You can put your trimmer in any location that will remember you to shave and not getting frustrated to not shaving.

If you are troubled with a battery based trimmer, then you have to buy and use a corded type trimmer.

Disadvantages of trimmers

1. If any person needs to grow a beard then there is no need of using these beard trimmers.

2. These trimmers are more costly than that of razors.

3. The razors are used for two or three shaves and they can be thrown away, but these trimmers are costly and you have to keep it carefully.


Do your better research and buy a better trimmer that will work well for some years. Please use trimmers very carefully because it is used with battery and chord. The blades of trimmers are also very sharp.

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