In the past women have wearing watches to formal events, but that is no longer necessary as today there are several options for beautiful and appropriately formal watches. Choose to wear a watch for the formal event there are three ways can choose watches like jewelry, statement and subdued. Once decided on which type of the watches want to go with there are several options to choose. Women prefer which type of watches worn depends on the occasion. Women mostly leather type watches are used for daily wear, design watches are preferred for party wear, and gold or silver type watches are preferred to marriage functions.


Ladies watches are a range of very classy accessories that can highlight the style and attraction of a lady. Which type of watches is wearing in sarees, trendy jeans and tops, and dresses? Women involved in sports also can fit sports watches. Women watches are designed multiple types, styles, designs, colors, and different materials. These are various types of watches are available in Gold-plated, stainless steel, leather, plastic, gold watches and designer threads. Women watches are made with different color stones, images, different styles of cases, needles; inner and outer part of the watch is designed with multiple styles, colors, and shapes.

Types of Women Watches:

There are more types of watches are available in the market. Some types are

Casual Watches:

Casual watches are fit in every day. They are available in various sizes and bright colors. A casual watch may be oversized with a very large face, or it contains a small, plain design. Choose very popular bright pink, purple, or orange colors and to match various casual clothing. A casual watch comes several different materials like hard or flexible plastic, silicone, coarse ribbon-like fabric, and real leather. Casual watches are inexpensive, allowing multiple options for various occasions.

Fashion Watches:

Fashion watches are good looking to compare casual watches but don't reach the quality of the luxury watch. Fashion watches are made with bright colors, metal, glass, and leather materials. Fashion watches suits the business world, casual parties, and any small occasions.

Bracelet Watches:

Bracelet watches like regular jewelry than standard watches. Bracelet designs vary greatly looking very nice. Bracelets are designed with metal-plated, styles also range from narrow to wide as well as being close or loose fitting. Bracelet watches price depends on the material involved, and fitted metal links are also considered.

Rado Watches for Women:

Rado's company watches making with high-tech ceramic timepieces are objects of art and craftsmanship. These watches are very smooth stylish surface made with metallic materials, approach to glamour, high-tech ceramic, and lightweight watch. Rado watches designed with valuable diamonds and lighting facility also provided. Women Rado watches look very rich, and the price of this type watch is very high.

Tissot Watches for Women:

Tissot brand is one of the popular brands in the world. Tissot offers men and women watches with good attraction. These watches are designed with quality materials, gold plated watches, leather belt watches provides different shapes, types, designs, and colors. Designed with good-looking fashion designs, provides lighting, and special effects in inner part of the watch.

Fossil Watches for Women:

Fossil is another popular brand in the world. Fossil company also provides both men and women watches. These watches are designed with metallic, stainless steel materials to good attraction looking. Fossil company also made with different styles, shapes, models, designs, and colors. Women watches are designed very beautiful, multiple types of materials are used for casual and any occasions. 

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